Hotels vs. Us

Whether you're traveling for work, OR you're an HR professional trying to set up housing for a crew. You'll ALWAYS want to be mindful of your spending allowance, and options such as a hotel seem attractive..... until you compare the actual costs of living.

But you'd like to save your budget??  We completely understand.   

We put together this handy comparison chart so you can see how fully furnished corporate housing stacks up. 

Read on!  (And don't forget to send this page to your boss, you'll look so smart!)

HOTEL    NOTES          
Size 600-900 sq. ft 
sleeps 2
350 sq. ft
sleeps 2
Consider the importance of having a separate living room,
bedroom and kitchen when guests or family come to visit.
Daily Rate from $65 per night
NO hotel tax
from $80 per night
($89.60 w/ 12% hotel tax)
Included in rate.  Private, secured access (personal router), UNLIMITED bandwidth, easy and FAST for streaming 
Shared with other hotel rooms.
Consider the importance of the internet for work purposes (security) as well as entertainment purposes:  streaming Netflix, gaming, etc..
Daily Laundry  Washer and dryer either IN the apartment or in building - shared with a few friendly neighbors.
FREE at most apartments
One location onsite at the hotel shared with the entire hotel community. 
Average $40 per month
($1.33 per day)
Consider the distance to living space and security of area - which area is safer to leave your laundry?
Daily Meals Cost of groceries $250 per month average
Full-size appliances, fully equipped kitchen
($8.33 groceries per day average)
$900 per month
The hotel offers breakfast.
($30 per day average)
Consider the health benefits of having home cooked meals and cost savings.
Daily Parking Onsite parking included - garage option available for additional storage and protection.
Parking lot included.
Consider the security of personal property and the location.
Effective Daily Rate $73.33 per night $120.93 per night The effective daily rate is all living expenses together:  laundry, meals, parking, internet, housing.
30 Day TOTAL Cost Furnished Apartment:
Hotel Room
Savings SAVES: $1,428.00    
*IMPORTANT: Always, when considering housing options, please check most RECENT individual online Google reviews for accurate side by side analysis.  For your security, please read reviews thoroughly and if possible, tour hotel properties before committing.
Key Points To Consider Hotel Siouxland Suites Furnished Apartment
Residential Environment   x
Separate Living Space   x
Fully Equipped Kitchen /Full-Size Appliances   x
2 Bedroom Suite Options   x
Secured Private Internet, Unlimited Streaming, Wifi   x
Full-Size Bedrooms   x
In-Suite Washer and Dryer   x
Garage Option   x
24/7 On-Call Maintenance  x x
Weekly Housekeeping Option x x
Responsive Maintenance x x
Single Point of Contact x x
Direct Control of Guest Experience x x
Direct Billing  x x