Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a few questions?  We've provided a few questions and answers below but also feel free to try out our live chat OR call or text us at 712-251-4075.  We're here to help!  If we don't answer your call right away, leave us a message and we'll get right back to you!

Q. What is fully furnished corporate housing?

A. Corporate housing, executive housing, temporary housing, short term furnished rentals.....lots of names but, it all means the same thing. We provide a fully furnished house (or apartment) for you to call home while you are in Sioux City! Each furnished rental home comes equipped with everything you might expect to feel at home! Please see the 'What to Expect' page for more information.

Q. Are you a hotel?

A. No, we at Siouxland Suites are a corporate housing company, offering only full-size, fully furnished apartments at only the nicest apartment communities serving Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraksa!

Q. What are your rates?

A. Please call for rates and availability.  Our rates are quoted on a NIGHTLY basis, similar to a vacation rental or a hotel stay and are billed depending on the number of nights in a month.  Because you'll be with us for 32+ days there is NO 12% hotel tax.  Our rates do fluctuate a bit depending on the season, the location of the community, and the specific apartment that is available to rent.  Typically, our rates fall in line with pricing for a moderate hotel room budget (but you'll get so much more with a fully furnished apartment!)

Considering staying in one of the local hotels for a month plus? Really consider your cost of hotel living, it adds up! choosing to stay in one of our beautiful, fully furnished apartments you will see 30-40% savings over living in a hotel.

Q. What is the minimum stay?

A. Typically our apartments are rent with a 2-month minimum stay (please call to confirm, some offer shorter stays and a few require 3+ month stay).  We are now offering WEEKLY stays in a few of our Suites, please call for availability!

Q. How do I book a suite? It's always best to call.

A. Just give us a quick call with the details of your needs.  We're here to help!  We'll let you know which suites are available around the time of your arrival.  A deposit is required to confirm your reservation for each apartment. Depending on the time of year, our apartments book very very quickly. If a large crew is coming into town to work, in one phone call a company can quickly book all of our available apartments for several months at a time. The sooner you call to book the better and we can make sure that you a place to stay with us.....especially if you are needing more than one apartment/suite.

Q. We want to book an entire crew, how do we do that?

A. Call us right away so that we can help you plan your stay! We will streamline the process for you - just tell us how many will be coming and when and we will do our best to align with your start dates. If your apartment isn't going to be ready to move in when you arrive, we will make hotel arrangements for you and then let you know exactly when we are ready.

What else?  We want to make sure your employees know this is their home here, and we want them to be comfortable! We leave detailed instructions and contact information for them in each suite - where to place trash, quiet hours, if they need to receive mail or packages AND how to reach us if they ever have a maintenance request! (we provide 24hr hotline # for emergency maintenance requests). 

We'll also have each guests name on the mailbox so they can receive mail and packages.

Everything will be in place for them and we're always just a quick phone call or text away if they need anything during their stay!

Q. Is there a credit check or a background check to stay in your furnished corporate rentals?

A. We do have several properties that do require a quick background check, this allows to ensure to all of our guests that they are safe when they stay with us!

Q. Is there a deposit to reserve a property?

A. Yes, we do request a $500 deposit to place a apartment in your name and take it off of our vacancy list so that other guests won't book it away from you. $200 serves as an exit cleaning or turnover fee, $300 serves as a refundable security deposit. Like a hotel, we do also require that a valid authorized credit card be kept on file which will be used for auto-billing of monthly rent payments.

Q. When is rent due?

A. First full months rent is due in full 10 days prior to check-in. We prorate rent to the 20th of the month. Subsequent rental payments are due on the 20th and are prorated coming in, and also at the end (after providing us with your 30-day notice to vacate date).

Q. How can I pay for rent?

A. Rent is typically auto-billed on credit card.  If you'd like to make special arrangements to pay by check or money order, please let us know at the time of booking. 

If mailing a check, please address to Siouxland Suites LLC, c/o Porter and Co., 4111 Floyd Blvd. Sioux City, IA 51108. Please make checks out to Siouxland Suites LLC.

Each month we will send you a monthly rental email reminder via email that your upcoming payment will be processed on the 20th. If the rent payment isn't received by the 15th our system automatically bills the credit card kept on file on the 20th.  

Q. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A. Deposits are refundable if received more than 30 days of the originally scheduled date of arrival/move-in date, less $150 administration fee.  Less than 30 days notice of cancellation no refunds are given.  We do require 30 days notice to vacate, please know there is no refund for rent that has already been paid.

Q. What if I don't know how long I will be in town?

A. Many of our guests are unsure of the length of their stay and in some cases we can be flexible on checkout dates and rent to you on a month to month basis (depending on pending reservations). We do calculate rent on a monthly basis, and require a 30 day written 'notice to vacate' from the next periodic rent due date.  Rent is pro-rated coming in and also at move-out (based on 30 days notice to vacate).

It is IMPORTANT to note that our inventory is available on various online booking engines and your reservation for your stay is automated with a firm start date and a firm end date in our system, meaning it possible for another guest to book to arrive based on the last date listed on your rental agreement.  If you need to extend your stay, please contact us at LEAST 30 days in advance to see if an extension is possible.

Q. What is a 'notice to vacate' and how does that work?

A. We do require 30 days notice to vacate. Tenants are responsible for rent payment for each day up to the end of that 30 days. If you give us your 30-day notice on Sept. 14th, we pro-rate your rent up to October 14th (this is the last date you are responsible to pay rent). You are welcome to check out anytime up to October 14th. This gives us a FIRM date to place your unit on our online vacancy list and find another great new guest to come in behind you! We always are very appreciative of guests that give us as much notice as possible. The exact move date is important to use so that we don't miss opportunities to rent out your apartment to a new guest who calls in looking for a place to stay.

Q. How do I check out and when is my security deposit returned to me?

A. We love sending security deposits back to our guests!  Iowa law requires us to return deposits within 30 days of the last rental date, less any damages that may be incurred.  Prior to moving out, we'll send you a quick email with a 'move-out checklist' that helps streamline your move and assists us in getting ready for the next guest.  The checklist will tell you where to place keys, what to wipe down before you leave, what NOT to clean (leave all bedding and linens for us, we'll take care of that!).  

Q. Do you allow pets?

A. Yes, we do allow pets! Each community does have different rules so please call us to confirm. There may be certain breed and size restrictions per property but most of our properties do accept pets with a non-refundable pet fee $250 pet fee, plus $25 pet rent per pet (one dog allowed in apartments), and renters insurance which includes liability insurance. Sioux City does not allow pit bulls in town.  

Q.  What about service animals?

A.  Service animals, therapy pets, or emotional support animals are always welcome!  Prior to booking, please give us a quick call.  Each community has different reporting guidelines.  Most communities now require our guests to have a note from the prescribing physician on their business letterhead along with their address and phone number for verification.

Q. When is check-in / check out?

A. Check-in time is after 4 p.m. and check out time before 9 a.m. Occasionally we do have some flexibility with move-in times (not guaranteed), please touch base with us a few days before move-in and we'll see what we can do!  On check-out day we will have housekeeping arriving promptly at 9 a.m. in order to be ready for the next guest's arrival at 4 p.m.  Please let us know if you expect any delays.

Q. Do you require a rental agreement?

A. We will send you a quick rental agreement to be signed prior to check-in, this will be sent to you via email and is quick to fill out on your phone, tablet or computer!