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Medical Travelers 

Need short term housing as a travel healthcare professional?  Want to live close to the hospital and shopping?  Enjoy our perfectly appointed, full-size apartments with modern furnishings, luxury linens, fully equipped kitchens, and so much more!  

Work Crews

Need flexible temporary housing for just one employee OR an entire fluctuating work crew?  Are you on a budget, and need more space and comfort than a hotel room? Call today!  We offer beautiful full-sized, fully furnished apartments, with custom length short term leases, all-inclusive rates, direct billing, and 24-hour guest services!

Insurance Housing

Displaced homeowners need housing and FAST. Come on in, enjoy your new 'home away from home' at Siouxland Suites! Relax, stay as long as you need! We'll work directly with your insurance company to make sure you're safe and comfortable!

Bye-bye hotel! #hellosiouxlandsuites

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Relax, you're home.

Traveling for work? Or just need a 'home away from home' for a little while? We're here for YOU. 

We at Siouxland Suites provide all-inclusive, fully furnished apartments for personal needs, employee relocation and insurance housing needs.  Offering custom length leases for stays of 32 days or more.  

Each of our sparkling clean, FULLY furnished apartments offers you 2-3x the space of a hotel room, and is professionally decorated by our in-house design team with MODERN decor, a full comfortable living room, and a fully equipped kitchen with full-size appliances.  You won't have a need for anything...and if you do, we have 24 hr on-call guest services always available, we're always just a text or call away!

So say bye-bye to the hotel vending machine and hello to your own healthy groceries in your full-size refrigerator! After a long day, you can stay home and cook, and never again wonder where your dinner or midnight snack will come from.  

Kick back and relax, you're home at Siouxland Suites

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Furnished Apartments (Seriously)

Fully furnished means so much more than offering a few appliances. With Siouxland Suites you'll find full-size apartments, complete kitchens (stocked with equipment so you can cook AND bake), plus luxury linens for bed, bath, and kitchen, and soooo much more. Not to mention, each apartment suite is professionally decorated with modern decor and is SPARKLING clean.  We're just waiting for you!

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Employers Best Kept Secret? 

We know that one of your MAIN responsibilities is taking care of your employees on the road. Where they live, sleep, and eat, is a key ingredient that affects their quality of life while they're away from home working.  Providing a 'home away from home' gives your employees peace of mind so they can do their job well.

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How to Budget for Housing
Smart travelers understand the real costs of housing. Living expenses include MANY more factors beyond just the nightly rate. Shopping for furnished housing based on rate alone is the biggest mistake travelers make and those that understand the differences, are saving 30-40% on their travel budgets. Simply by booking a furnished apartment.

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